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Atomic Apertures aims to be your St. George destination for photographers, models, stylists, and pod-casters alike who seek a unique and affordable location to bring their creativity to life. Atomic Apertures offers a distinctly different vision of a photography studio. We provide a variety of backdrops and sets that include an industrial wall, purple bistro, red brick wall, cyclorama wall, western wall, colored seamless rolls of paper, various backdrops, dressing room, and a hair/makeup room. Lighting equipment to suit most photographer's needs is also available. In addition to photography sessions this location is perfect for professionals who want to offer classes and seminars. Let us know your vision and we will help you make it come alive!



December 10       6:30pm-9:30pm

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Come Visit Santa!

Take your own photos


One-on-One Time
Full Studio Access
15 minute sessions

Santa is excited to see you!

  • 15 minute sessions

  • Bring your camera and capture your child's Santa memories.

  • Take as many pictures as you like in our professional photo studio.

  • Private one-on-one time with Santa

Price Breakdown:
1 child $20
additional children $10 each


The Studio

Prep for your shoot in our retro hair and makeup room, change in the dressing room, then pose on our various backdrops and sets.
*Click the play button on the last picture for a video tour of the studio.


Set Dressings & Props


Backdrops & Paper Rolls


Professional Lighting Equipment

(included with rental)

RGB Video Lights
RGB modes
RGB options
RGB color selection
Dimmable Ring Light
18" ring light
18" ring light
flash units
lighting kits
hot shoe adapters
combination boom
receiver and trigger
light stands

Atomic Apertures

Here’s Our Story

The beautiful weather and picturesque red rock backdrops that Southern Utah offers captured my photographer's eye the first time my wife and I visited. It was an easy decision to make St. George our retirement destination! After 35 fantastic years working in the movie industry, I will soon have time to pursue my passion for vintage photography beyond that of just a hobby. For the past decade, I have traveled to many photography studios throughout the western states to capture a glimpse of the past through my camera lense. It has always been my dream to own my own studio that would offer a variety of ways to shoot indoors. My wife and I put this dream into motion and have completed the construction of such a place. We want to share Atomic Apertures with the outstanding photographers, pod-casters, models, and talent of all kinds of Southern Utah. Our goal was to create a place where we can all come together as a photographic community to shoot indoors in a controlled setting. There are so many possibilities for it's use and we are excited to see what you create!


Rules and Regulations


Atomic Apertures is a business that operates by APPOINTMENT only. If you wish to book or take a tour of the studio, an appointment needs to be made in advance. Our hours vary daily based upon the bookings we have scheduled, therefore, we cannot guarantee to be available unless you make an appointment. Free studio tours are available and can be booked through the website calendar.

Bookings within 24 hour notice must be made by calling us directly.


Things to Know:

Rental of Atomic Apertures requires the renter to leave the facility in the same condition as when they began, clean and organized. In the event that the facility is not returned to its original state, the renter will be subjected to a cleaning fee of $50. In the event that any equipment, fixtures, furniture, etc. are abused, broken or stolen during the rental of the studio, the renter shall be held responsible and must make repair/replacement agreements before leaving the premises. Renter will be denied any future rentals until repair/replacement has been settled. 

The time booked does not indicate shoot time. It is the time you are admitted into the studio and the time you are to exit the facility. You are required to have cleaned, organized, and exited the studio by the end time of your rental appointment time. Going over the allotted booking time will result in an additional hour charge.  It is your responsibility to make sure everything is in good order for the next client.

Balance of rental fee is due on the specified rental date prior to usage.

Bookings on the half hour or half hour extensions are not permitted. No exceptions will be made to this. If you think you might need extra time, please book the extra hour. Better to be safe than sorry!

Absolutely NO smoking, drugs, or alcohol shall be permitted at Atomic Apertures.

Tasteful, provocative images are acceptable. However, we do not condone pornographic photography.

Banned items include glitter, tinsel, smoke bombs, hay, colored powder, and charcoal powder. If you are using any similar materials, please contact us beforehand so that we may best assist you. 

Food/drinks are not permitted in the studio. Please keep all food/drinks in the front foyer or the hair/makeup room. If food is required for the shoot, please clear it with us first.

Service animals and pets for photo shoot purposes are welcome! Please keep watch after them to avoid injuries or damage to the premises. You are responsible for any damage caused during your rental.

Atomic Apertures is monitored via remote monitoring. We are not physically on site during your rental period. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book the studio?

Please see our booking calendar for dates and times that are available. Once you have chosen a date and time, you can book directly from the website. Bookings are taken on a first-come-first-serve basis and are only confirmed once we receive your deposit. The remaining balance will be paid on the day of rental during the check in process.  Bookings within 24 hours cannot be made on the website. Short notice bookings can be made by calling us directly at 435-250-4447.

Can you hold my studio booking?

No, your booking is only confirmed once we receive your deposit, no exceptions. If you wait to place your deposit, you may lose your booking time. 

How do I know when my studio booking has been confirmed?

You will receive an email confirmation with a rental receipt and your booking will appear on the calendar here on our website. If you have not received a confirmation email or your booking has not been blocked out on the calendar, please notify us.

If I do not use the entirety of my booking time, may I receive a refund/credit for the time I did not use?

No, the time you have booked has been specifically reserved for you and you alone. It cannot be refunded or be used for future credit.  

May I come early to set up for my booking?

No, the booking time indicates when you are admitted into the studio, and when you are required to have cleaned, exited, and paid for your studio. Going over the time booked will result in an additional hour fee. There may be another client booked back-to-back with your booking, so please be considerate of their paid time and exit the premises on time.

May I come early to use the studio/makeup room?

No, use of the makeup room is included in your booking time. Please plan accordingly. There may also be another client booked back-to-back with your booking.

May I rent lights/props to use outside of the studio?

No, the lights and props are for in studio use only.

May I book the makeup room separately from the studio?

No, the makeup room and the studio are one in the same. If you would like to use our makeup room you need to book the studio.

May I start a booking on the half hour or extend my time if I need by a half hour?

No, half hour bookings and extensions are not available. There will be no exceptions to this rule. This helps us keep an orderly schedule for all. All bookings will begin on the hour.

Do you offer discounts for regular clients?

Yes, we do! Our Atomic Discounts offers the opportunity to choose a variety of packages for a low monthly fee. Descriptions of these discounts are provided in the Plans & Pricings section. We provide discounts for monthly memberships and photography students.

We also provide an Artist Alley where you can share your work, talents, and services in our website directory. For a low monthly fee you can be highlighted as our Atomic Artist for the month and feature your work both in the studio and on our website.

Camera Lighting

Studio Rental Rates

1-3 hours ($60/hr)

4-5 hours ($55/hr)

6-8 hours ($300/flat fee)

full day     ($400/flat fee)



Atomic Artist

Featured Showcase

John Eaves focuses his photography in themed, pinup, cosplay, fashion and fitness styles. He has a trailer full of costumes, wardrobes, shoes and props available for your photo shoot. If your are interested in having a fun and creative shoot contact him directly for pricing and availability.

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Artist Alley

A place for artists to share their work, talents and services. 

John Eaves


Motion Picture artist by day and pinup/theme/cosplay photographer by night (weekend). I have a trailer full of costumes, wardrobes, shoes and props available for your use. Contact me for pricing and booking inquiries.

Atomic Apertures is not responsible for services and images created by outside parties. Atomic Apertures has not vetted artists advertising on this page. It is your responsibility to research those you choose to work with. 


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204 N 1000 E, St. George, UT 84770


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